I’ve spent much time these past few months contemplating the words that best describe the mission statement of our new company.  Numerous sleepless nights were spent reading through the mission statements of organization I admire, but nothing seemed to quite match my vision for Christian Saunders Real Estate or our purpose.  Eventually, I happened upon the mission statements of an elite group of organizations that are always on top of their game. They are all immediately recognizable, as they have built strong brands. They have all built reputations as being the best in their respective industries and the best at the products or services they provide. The crème de la crème!  Instead of patting themselves on the backs with mission statements extolling their virtues as leaders in their industries, I found that strong principals are what guide these select organizations.   I believe that becoming number one in your industry follows naturally when you are laser focused on your core values and beliefs as an organization.  As we start our small business, I want to be sure we remain focused on what is important to our success – remaining true to our values and beliefs. I don’t want us to be number one if it means we have to act inappropriately.  So, after weeks of research and soul searching, it took only 5 minutes to write these simple, common sense guiding principles.  As we continue our journey of building this company, I pray for the courage to live by them and that they become strongly embedded in everyone that joins us.  I am pleased to make public for the first time our Principles of Christian Saunders Real Estate.