A Message From Christian Saunders

In 2004 I chose a career in real estate because I was passionate about the industry itself and entrepreneurship. I was driven by service and motivated to succeed. Through the years, as my love of the industry grew, I desired to work with a company that had the highest standards—a company that was well known as a pedigree organization in the industry and had a world-class reputation for excellence. I also wanted to work with an agent-centric company that paid well, shared the profits, and encouraged me to run my own business like I owned it.

In my years of searching, I was only able to find companies that possessed only one of the two strengths—they either had excellent standards OR treated their agents with the respect they deserved. I wasn’t able to find a singular company successful at both.

So, in 2017, I opened Christian Saunders Real Estate to provide that unique opportunity for other motivated real estate professionals. And every day since, our agents have worked together to provide outstanding service to our consumers, clients, and community while working in a supportive, cooperative, autonomous environment.

My job is simple: Make sure the agents we welcome into this company are exceptional people… the rest falls into place.